Pazartesi, Nisan 11, 2011

globalization and ethics

'culture is the sum of the values, rituals, symbols, beliefs and thought processes that are learned, shared by a group of people, and transmitted from generation to generation.' (herskovitz)

due to the globalization of markets and production, ever increasing number of international marketing
personnel have to deal with ethical issues in cross-cultural settings.

in international marketing, ethical decision-making process can be influenced by many ethical approaches. these approaches can be classified “descriptive-prescriptive and communicative approach.' (nill).

  1. descriptive ethics describe the values and moral reasoning of individuals and groups and attempt to provide an understanding of the ethical decision-making process.

most of the marketing ethics studies involve the use of scenarios as research instruments and relate to the following marketing sub-disciplines: market research, retail management, purchasing
management, advertising management, marketing  management, industrial marketing, and marketing

in order to solve international marketing ethics problems, international
institutions should manage, regulate, and police the global marketplace, and should promote the
establishment of multinational treaties to govern the global business system.

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