Çarşamba, Mart 18, 2015

Difference between Multi-channel and Omni-channel in E-commerce

At Teknosa, we've made successful projects for the transition from multi-channel strategy to omni-channel strategy and last year we've took several steps towards through equal customer experience in all platforms on which our users are or may be found. Joe Ballard from hybris explains the difference between multi-channel and omni-channel as follows:

"I think the difference between Multi-channel and Omni-channel is very significant.
In Multi-channel you'll build a silo connecting to your customer through a particular touchpoint like a magazine, tv, website.
In the world of Omni-channel you need to maintain those silos and somehow connect them together in a way customer has an equal consistent experience through all of those channels. this is such a big change you can no longer treat this is a component in your business."

I can't agree more.